Gladys Knight
Imagine living during the times of Detroit soul, during that Motown style so vibrant in the city. Can you imagine going out in the city, dressed to impress in the hip fashions of the era? How amazing would it be. Soul music and fashion still go hand in hand, and wearing the hottest fashion while hitting nightclubs with soul music will truly enhance your experience of the music.

Club wear for nightclubs with soul music is still reminiscent of the 60s and 70s. You want to be hip with what you wear and exude confidence. For women, try pairing some hoop earrings with a hot short dress. Think about the Supremes and those form-fitting dresses they paired with bold accessories, like hoop earrings. That's a great look to go for at clubs with soul music.

Soul music is all about expression and owning the outfit. Confidence is key. Diana Ross and Ray Charles knew that fashion merely enhanced the experience of soul music for the audience. Club wear is about having that o­ne, bold accessory that draws the audience into your music. Remember those handsome, suave sunglasses Ray Charles wore when he sang his deep, provocative tunes? He wooed women for his brilliant singing abilities, but also for those handsome sunglasses that evoked the moods of his music.

Evoking a mood is truly key to finding a great outfit to wear to a soul music venue or nightclub. For men, being bold to pull off an accessory like Ray Charles's sunglasses is truly attractive in a mysterious way. For women, the options are more diverse and undefined.

For women trying to be that evocative fashionista in the nightclub, simply try this advice. Think of your favorite singer from the era of soul music's greatest artists, like Gladys Knight, the Temptations, or even most recently, Whitney Houston. Think about the way these artists emulate that gorgeous, provocativeness through clothing and merely try to mirror their style while putting a twist o­n it.

With this fashion-forward advice, you will be rocking the hottest soul music clubs out there. All it takes is some boldness and a little creativity, and you'll be o­n your way in no time.