Deep Funk

Deep funk is considered a genre of funk music to some, and a genre of soul music to others. It is a tricky genre to define, but may best be understood as a thicker, less watered-down version of maintstream funk, and a more raw and heavier version of soul. Deep funk envelopes the listener with the grittier, more soulful sounds of funk and soul music from the USA between the sixties through the seventies.

It is largely due to Keb Darge that deep funk is a term at all. Keb grew up in Northern Scotland, starting his music career as a dancer in the mid-70’s. However, his passion was collecting soul records, most of which he acquired during his many visits to the United States. Keb referred to this music as “junk music.” In time, he met Mark Cotgrove, also an avid collector of funk. The two began a funk-only night at Club Ormones in London in 1993, and called it “Deep Funk.” Keb has released several compilations of classic deep funk, o­ne album entitled “Funk Spectrum.” He is by far the most knowledgeable authority o­n deep funk music of the sixties and seventies.

Today deep funk music continues with groups like The Sound Stylistics from London—an eleven piece band who recently released a seventeen track CD called “Play Deep Funk.” From Australia, The Bamboos offer deep funk and super-heavy soul. They got their start in 2001, and in 2007 released the highly acclaimed “Rawville.” Also worth mentioning are the Whitefield Brothers, Brentzon Brotherhood, Big Boss Man, and the Impellers.