Hip Hop Fashion

Iraqi Hip Hop Dancers
Soul music and fashion is more than just playing CDs or slipping o­n some sneakers. Instead, it's about truly expressing yourself and being original. Hip hop fashion is fast becoming popular around the world. If you want to get in touch with your roots and really have some fun with fashion, then you should consider investing in hip hop fashion items. The following are some common trends or items that can be found in this world.

Layers and comfort are in when it comes to hip hop fashion and soul music. You can go with form-fitting t-shifts, and tops with many layers of chains or bracelets, or you can go the super-baggy route. Think about your personal tastes and comfort levels so that you can choose a look that's best for you and your life.

Play around with bright colors. This is a chance to really make a statement and express important pieces of your personality and lifestyle. Any color of the rainbow is appropriate for hip hop fashion. However, a general rule is that the brighter and more coordinated your outfit, the better off you will be.

Blades of Hades
Shoes are an important piece of hip hop fashion. Don't go for neutral colors. This is a chance to invest in colorful sneakers and laces or in knee- or even thigh-high boots. You can really push the limits of fashion in the soul and hip hop world. This is about originality and soul. Have fun and experiment until you find out which looks are best for you!