Michael Jackson & Soul Music

Michael Jackson in the White House
Michael Jackson is more than just a name - he is a legend. Jackson was an international icon who lent his powerful, resonate voice to the world of soul music, and since then, the world has never been the same. Michael Jackson was an excellent performer from the very beginning of his career, which spans back all the way to his childhood years. He first got his start in show business with his band of brothers: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael formed their band. They sang and danced together as a group, and they were known internationally as the Jackson 5. He made his debut alongside of them in the year of 1964 as the group's lead singer. Ironically, he was also the youngest of the five brothers and the baby of the family.

Michael Jackson
However, his talent shone through and broke the barriers of what was considered possible in the music industry at that point in time. Michael Jackson quickly rose to fame after his debut and was o­ne of the youngest entertainers around the world. A star was born. People adored watching the young singers group dance and sing together with such perfect harmony and synchronization in their performances. They accomplished many strong feats for a young brother's band, being the first group of young people to have four of their major label singles hit the top of the music charts. Another major accomplishment for the Jackson 5 was that they were the first black teenage celebrities in history to have an equal amount of white audiences in juxtaposition, which was the result of effective advertising skills through the work of Berry Gordy, the then Motown Records CEO. The Jackson 5's success helped to firmly establish the adult solo careers that Michael and several of his brothers pursued.