Modern Soul

Modern soul is a type of music that associates clothing with dance styles. Originally developed from Northern soul, when DJs purchased records that were contemporary and complex, modern soul has a much richer sound that is more advanced with the use of Hi-Fi and FM radio technology. It also offered more releases of new music. Not all records are modern, however. Some are as old as 30 years ago but often receive the modern soul term because they are relative to the traditional sounds of northern soul.

Much of the modern soul's audience is from the northern soul period and keeps the same appreciation of music from independent and underground labels. DJ Ian Levine fronted o­ne of the first modern soul clubs in the 1970s, called the “Blackpool Mecca.”

The main players of the two different soul groups had a falling-out period later o­n and parted ways, while most soul clubs either sided with modern or northern soul. Modern soul drew many people towards its music and venues. Liverpool had separated themselves entirely from northern soul, preferring funk or Motown music.

Northern and modern soul are still closely linked to o­ne another and today, music from both genres is played at venues all over the United Kingdom. Many DJs, including Richard Searling and Martin Barnfather, played both northern and southern soul music for several decades.

Modern soul has had more successful hits than that of northern soul. In addition, the artists of modern soul have had more successful careers as singers and musicians.