Soul Music - Lifestyle

Since the mid-20th century, soul music has captivated a global audience. From the early sounds of Motown and Stax to the neo-soul artists of today, soul music has evolved with the times, but always kept the same essential spirit. True soul enthusiasts look to the past with respect and admiration for those pioneers who laid down the roots, which grew into the beautiful and varied world of soul music we hear and see today.

Digging in to the past is an integral part of the soul lifestyle. Collectors of soul music will dig through crates at record stores, record shows, garage and estate sales, basements, and anywhere else rare records may be found. The advent of e-commerce also opened up a new and exciting avenue for hard-core collectors. Record conventions and web forums dedicated to the soul community play a crucial role for those wishing to trade music and ideas.

Of course, the soul community would be lost without clubs and parties, dancing and mingling with like-minded soul lovers while hearing the latest or rarest tracks. At these events, the deejay is king -- the ultimate collector and assembler of the soulful, funky, beat-heavy music the community craves. Many of the hottest clubs will host soul nights with famous deejays from around the world, there to move the bodies of the masses. Some of the most famous deejays work with record labels to release compilations and mixes of their favorite jams, so the rabid fans can enjoy them outside of the club. House parties and soul nights in smaller venues showcase the collections and talents of local and amateur deejays, in a more intimate setting than the bigger clubs.

With all of the events, activities, and interactions of the fans and collectors, the lifestyle of soul music is much greater than the sum of its parts.