Little Richard
When o­ne thinks of soul music, Ray Charles is often o­ne of the first to come to mind. He had a string of hits starting with “I Got a Woman”. Little Richard, Fats Domino, James Brown, and Otis Redding are also headliners of this genre. A huge part of Music was known as Motown, and artists coming out in droves from Mississippi and Tennessee. Artists like Gladys Knight along with her Pips, The Temptations, and Marvin Gaye carved their place in soul music history and will never be forgotten, forever revered.

While soul music is thought of as prodominantly coming from southern artists, there are also such artists like Curtis Mayfield. He hailed from Chicago and was instrumental in developing the reputation as the “Northern Soul Godfather.” Many others that came out of the north, like The Radients, Little Anthony and The Imperials; a mixture of gospel soul. They helped to influence what many today call "that sweet soul sound.”

Soul music artists’ fashion was every bit as flamboyant as their sound. For men, wide ties, huge feathered or furry hats worn tilted to the side, was all the rage. Their shoes and boots were often plat-formed, making them seem taller. Men were not afraid of ruffles in that era and most of the time the large collars were buttoned down low in order to show the chest hair. Some even wore sequined eye glasses. Their hair was usually slicked back, and some of the more daring, like Little Richard wore dramatic eye liner.

Diana Ross
Those great ladies, The Supremes, enthralled us all with their beautiful and bejeweled long dresses, minks, boas, "go-go" boots and huge bouffant hair styles. Their makeup was flawless. Both genders never missed a chance to show off their large jewels, and they wore them with everything.